Trails of Indochina

With their long histories, interesting cultures, and gorgeous scenery, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos offer something for everyone.

Vietnam and Cambodia are the most popular destinations in Trails of Indochina, and after a tour of splendid cultural heritage and magnificent temples, you may prefer to have some natural touching. Then the laid-back Laos is your best choice.

In a nut-shell, there are perhaps three reasons why Cambodia is the new top destination in Southeast Asia. One it sounds pretty adventurous and still is to a degree, second it’s close to Thailand and finally it contains one of the greatest wonders in the world – Angkor and Angkor Wat.

The Southeast Asian country of Laos is a hidden gem among its more popular neighbors of China, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Its rich cultural diversity comes from the 49 ethnic groups that influence the food, arts, customs, and festivals in the country. One of the most stunning ways to explore the natural beauty in Laos is among the 4000 Islands in the southern tip of the country. The three main islands that tourists visit are Don Khong, Don Khon, and Don Det.