Eastern Africa

East Africa, which includes Zamibia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, has grown in popularity with tourists, particularly those who are interested in wildlife or conflict aftermath. Travelers to the region are rewarded with spectacular scenery, vibrant culture and welcoming people.

Kenya has long been one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. On your trip, be sure to visit the Masai Mara in western Kenya, where wildlife sightings and Masai culture are unparalleled. For outdoor adventure, hike around Mt. Kenya or head to the Nandi Hills at the edge of the Great Rift Valley. Other popular attractions include Amboseli National Park and Lake Nakuru, Hell’s Gate National Park, and the port city of Mombasa.Tanzania is packed with popular attractions for tourists, who come from all over the world to experience the country’s spectacular scenery and culture. Head to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa, for a long hike or scenic drive to the summit.Uganda remains under the radar of many travelers due to ongoing violence, but the country has many remarkable attractions for bold tourists.The Mountains of the Moon in Rwenzori National Park are the highest range in Africa. T